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At Eagle Builders, we can put our professional and academic knowledge of structures and materials to work for you. Whether you’re recovering from damage or trying to make your existing home meet your lifestyle, we can help. We have the knowledge to build the house you want. Whether you’re going green, seeking safety, or looking for luxury, we can make it happen.

We are company that are made up of everyday people. We understand your need and desire for quality and craftsmanship. Why, because we want the same. We strive to do the very best for each customer and project that we construct. Simply click through the site for more information. If you need further assistance please don't hesitate to contact us by click on the contact page and either emailing us or calling us.

At Eagle Builders, we specialize in the design and building of new homes, but we also offer a wide range of other construction related services. Please look around our website for information about the products and services we offer as well as to learn more about the people at our company. We are committed to the advancement of our community and want the very best for it. We are constantly seeking out new developments opportunities.
Old Mill Landing is one of the developments we are currently building in. For a larger map of where it is located click below

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for more information give us your email address: